Why joing us

Development of EROP The Osteopathic area is enormously developing within the last 20 years in Germany and Europe and sometimes you will find strange and controversy developments. Some people were thinking about clarifying quality standards for Osteopaths and Osteopathic physicians. We have to do this for the safety of our patients and to promote the profession politically.

In 2003 two German Osteopathic Physician Organisations the DGOM (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Osteopathische Medizin) and DAAO (Deutsch Amerikanische Akademie für Osteopathie) founded an umbrella organisation for Osteopathic Physicians in Europe the EROP (European Register for Osteopathic Physicians).

In the following years several European Osteopathic organisations joined EROP:
2003: foundation of EROP by DGOM und DAAO
2004: French members: GEOS, Osteos de France, Osteo Formation
2004: Swiss member: SAGOM
2005: French member: GETM
2005: German member: DVOM
2009: Italian member: AMOI, Austrian member ÄGO and German member: DGCO

About 3100 Osteopathic Physicians are organised in EROP (April 2009).

Goals of EROP (European Register of Osteopathic Physicians)

The Philosophy of EROP for Osteopathic Medicine in the 21st century was developed and published in the journal Osteopathic Medicine as “Declaration for Osteopathy”

Important goals of EROP are the following:
- Creating Quality standards in Osteopathic Medicine by certifying educational programs for Osteopathic physicians.
- Register for Osteopathic physicians with a diploma in Osteopathic Medicine after the EROP rules.
- Promoting interdisciplinary research in Osteopathic Medicine.
- International cooperation with organisations like WOHO und OIA

Future of EROP: EROP continues to cooperate with European national Osteopathic physician organisations like Spain, Russia, and Denmark for joining the physician family in Osteopathy. The focus of EROP activities will be a high Quality standard and a safe Osteopathy for our patients.

EROP wants to set up a general accepted standard in Osteopathic Medicine for Osteopathic Physicians in all European countries. This standard could be the fundament for national laws for Osteopathy.

Dr. Jean-Michel Besnard, M.D., D.O.