Diploma of Osteopathic Medicine

EROP guaranties a high qualified educational Standard in Osteopathic Medicine.

IN the process of EROP Certification the Criteria for the EROP Diploma was defined:
After the EROP rules a Physician has to follow a postgraduate training program in
Osteopathic Medicine of at least 700 hours over a minimum period of 4 years leading to a
Diploma degree in Osteopathic medicine
The core Curriculum is defined by EROP. The Diploma can be given only after an oral,
written and practical Examination.
After the Diploma an Osteopathic Physician has to follow a continuous qualifying program, which is a minimum of 44 U.E. in Osteopathic Medicine within two following years.

All EROP members stand for this educational minimum standard.
Example: the Diploma „Osteopathische Medizin D.O.M.™” is a trade mark of DGOM.
All EROP members have similar diploma.

UP to now we have no general accepted regulation in Europe for a diploma in Osteopathic
Medicine. The rules described above are the EROP minimum standard for Osteopathic