Systems-based Practice

Osteopathic physicians are expected to demonstrate an understanding of health care delivery systems, provide effective and qualitative patient care within the system and practice cost-effectiveness and sustainable medicine.

Osteopathic physicians must be able to demonstrate:

7.1. an awareness of the scope of his/her competence and the need to treat patients solely within the confines of that level of competence,

7.2. an appreciation of the complementary approach of osteopathic medicine in general healthcare in combination with other complementary ore alternative approaches,

7.3. an ability to practise osteopathy safely, competently and lawfully,

7.4. an ability to identify and work within his/her limitations with respect to medical standards in order to maintain patient safety,

7.5. an ability to critically evaluate the cost effectiveness of medical / osteopathic diagnosis and treatment,

7.6. an ability to interact effectively with external individuals and organisations, including other healthcare professionals and public service organisations in the interests of the safety and care of patients,

7.7. an ability to advocate for sustainable health care, engagement for a healthy environment and practicing medicine in a sustainable manner