The mission of the European Register for Osteopathic Physicians (EROP) is to define the conception and significance of Osteopathic Medicine within health care systems in Europe.

The basis of this declaration is the philosophy and practice of Osteopathy founded in the 19th century by Dr. A.T. Still M.D., D.O. The aim of the EROP is to transform and evolve the concepts of A.T. Still into the scientific world of the 21st century.

Osteopathic Medicine is an extension and completion of the regular medical system in the context of integrated patient care focused upon both evidence-based and patient centred medicine.

EROP is organized to advance the philosophy and practice of OM throughout Europe while promoting excellence in osteopathic medical education, research and health care delivery. EROP emphasizes highly qualified and well trained Osteopathic Physicians to ensure a safe and efficient Osteopathic care for all patients.