Medical professionalism and complementary medicine

European osteopathic physicians are all M.D.`s with specific core competencies in the field of traditional medicine and their specialities.  A broadly accepted question is the interface of medical professionalism and complementary medicine.

1.1. Charta of medical professionalism:

The Charta of medical professionalism is based on three main principles:

1.1.1. Well-being of patient (“salus aegroti suprema lex”)

1.1.2. Autonomy of the patient

1.1.3. Medical and social fairness

1.2. Commitments to achieve these principles:

1.2.1.  Professional expertise

1.2.2.  Honesty to the patient

1.2.3.  Professional discretion

1.2.4.  Good doctor-patient-relationship

1.2.5.  Good treatment quality

1.2.6   Reducing of barriers in patient care

1.2.7.  Costs efficiency

1.2.8.  State of medical science

1.2.9.  Publication of conflicts of interest

1.2.10. Collegiality

1.3. Reliability in standard and osteopathic medial care:

1.3.1. Accurate method for diagnostic and treatment process

1.3.2. Continuous effort for profound medical knowledge and progress of knowledge

1.3.3. Knowledge of the own limits in diagnostics and therapy

1.3.4. Knowledge of the most important alternatives in diagnostics, therapy and their limits

1.3.5. Inform the patient about the theoretical and empiric fundaments for your own decision process

1.3.6. Respect for the patient in his individual priorities and his decision process

1.3.7. Reasonable prices for medical work

1.3.8. No false pretences of success to achieve financial or ideal profit